Body awareness


Is this my body?

Understanding when and how we start to realise that the face we see in front of a mirror is our face, or that the hand that is moving is our own, has always been a topic of interest for psychologists and philosophers.

In adults it has been demonstrated that signals that come both from inside (e.g. your stomach rumbling) and outside (e.g. hearing a car approaching you) the body are important in how we come to know and regard our body psychologically, but there is very little research on how children learn to listen to these different signals to develop a sense of body awareness.

We are interested in understanding how children learn to use information coming from different senses to perceive their body in the space. We use visual illusions and fun games to measure children’s ability to correctly localise and use their hands to complete actions.

Being able to feel our body in a coherent way is very important in the way we interact with other people and can have implications, not just in typical development but also in disorders such as Autism, sensory impairment, and eating disorders.


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