We always welcome applications from keen students interested in working on infant and child development. The University of Essex offers several options:

  1. The Research Experience Scheme (RES)  is aimed to students who have an interest in gaining research experience. The scheme gives you the opportunity to work with us on an ongoing research project for one term.
  2. Frontrunners is the University of Essex paid placement scheme that gives students the opportunity to gain work experience
  3. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)  is a placement scheme specifically aimed at undergraduate students who would like to gain first-hand research experience.


We are now taking applications for a fully-funded 3-year interdisciplinary PhD studentship focusing on the theme ‘Being in the other’s shoes – Social cognition in babies and robots’ (deadline 24 August 2018).

The PhD student will investigate the role of embodiment in social cognitive development by formulating computational theories, testing them through experimental studies with infants, and closing the loop by re-enacting the experiments with state of the art robots available in the Essex robotics lab. The applicant will also have the opportunity to perform empirical studies and computational modelling on social intelligence to examine disorders of social cognition (lack of engagement, inability to adopt others perspective) and validate the architecture in end user environments (for example robotic companions in homes, hospitals etc.).


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